Matrix Entertainment

Matrix Entertainment is a full service agency providing high-tech, crowd gathering entertainment, attractions & educational events to elementary and high schools, colleges, universities, corporate events, conventions, businesses and military installations around the world. Attractions include safe driving awareness programs, full-motion virtual reality simulator, dome theater planetariums, live acts, interactive events, games shows and much more.

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Shawn Langley

Shawn Langley is a comic illustrator/concept artist from southern Ohio. He is best known for his work on the graphic novel Earthruler and the ongoing comic series “Rapid City: Below Zero”. He continues to work in comics while also supplying artwork for various authors and publications including covers, interior and concept art, primarily in horror/fantasy fiction.

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WVU Parkersburg Entrepreneurial Center

The WVU Parkersburg Entrepreneur Center utilizes the membership model where Membership Fees support equipment upkeep, new and exciting technology, staffing, and training.
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Last modified: 9/19/2023