History of Pop Culture @ 11:30 AM

Panel Details:

Learn more about the history of popular culture and all things geek.




Panelist Bio: Aaron of GeekHammer




Makeup Basics: Body Paint to SFX @ 11:30 AM

Panel Details:

Learn basic application and painting techniques in a fun environment. The panel will also cover DIY options for common makeup effect.

Individuals will be encouraged to work along and supplies will be provided.
Not for children under the age of 7.




Panelist Bio: Jackie (Wayward Owl)


Jackie has been making her own Halloween costume since she was 14 and bridged over to cosplay in 2012. She loves to tackle difficult builds and has earned awards for her work, including a Best Anime at Wizard World Columbus.




Cosplay on a Budget @ 1:00 PM

Panel Details:

After quickly realizing some of the expense of his new found hobby, he found many ways to lessen that expense, and so "Budget Cosplay" was born to help inform and educate about great cosplay without the great expense.




Panelist Bio: Christian Foster


Christian is originally from the MOV, but shortly after graduating high school (so long ago), He joined the Army, and began a 21-year career. He retired in May of 2015 and has been enjoying life back in the MOV ever since. He combined his military roots and his recent passion for cosplay to be a co-founding member of the Cos-vets Facebook page where military veterans and their families can post and share all things military and cosplay helping to create a greater bond and understanding between peers.




 ** Youth Cosplay Contest @ 1:00 PM on the Main Stage.

What if they made a sequel ? @ 1:00 PM

Panel Details:

Join James Hamilton, YouTuber Jess Dresses, Rathacon board member Alyse Carter and The Dude himself Mark Stafford as they discuss and debated what would happen if cult classics were given a sequel. Audience participation is highly encouraged.




Panelist Bio:

James Hamilton A.K.A. Just Some Nerd


James is a graphic designer and photographer who has been cosplaying since 2012. You may recognize him from portraying characters ranging from Adam West Batman, to Han Solo to Captain Jack Sparrow. He is a member of the Ghostbusters-West Virginia Division and the Rebel Legion - Apollo Base. James also runs a YouTube channel where is produces cosplay and prop making tutorials as well as conversations with fellow cosplayers and artists.  





Lightsaber Academy  @ 2:00 PM

Panel Details:

Join the Outer Rim Praxeum Lightsaber School as they display their skill in non-choreographed duels. Once the dust settles, prepare to pick up your own training weapon and learn the basics of lightsaber combat in our Lightsaber Workshop. Some training weapons will be provided, but attendees are encouraged to bring their own, such as training swords and LARP swords.



Panelist Bio:

Founded in 2015, The Outer Rim Praxeum practices a performance martial art. Our system is designed to look as good as choreography, but still be a competitive duel. We are a non-profit organization and strive for positive engagement with our fans and community through fundraisers, children’s events, and other worthy causes.






 ** Adult Cosplay Prejudging From 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Comic Values and Grading @ 2:00 pm

Panel Details:

Learn more on the value of comics and the process behind grading a comic book.




Panelist Bio: Multiverse

Comics - Collectables - Cosplay, - Gaming. Always buying comics! Weekly events! D&D Adventure League





Comics are for Everyone @ 3:00 pm

Panel Details:

No matter what your interests are, there are comic books out there for you. This panel will explore different genres of comics and how (and where) to find them.




Panelist Bio: Multiverse

Doug of Doug’s Dungeon and Mick of Multiverse.






 ** Adult Cosplay Contest @ 3:00 PM on the Main Stage.

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